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EmpowerCare is the product of the work of two passionate industry executives who served in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. Fueled by a desire to provide a “total person” approach and a refusal to operate in the “one size fit all” planning paradigm. In 2007, the duo established EmpowerCare with one common dream- A happy, healthy and independent aging populace supported by empowered family caregivers.

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Elder Care Education- Providing A New Beacon Of Hope To The Geriatric And The Disabled

Providing families with critical information in crisis and ideally to prevent crisis and promote optimal wellness.

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Care Coordination– Ensuring Loved Ones Are Properly Looked After

Your loved ones care is streamlined so that primary care, specialists and ancillary services are seamless coordinated and proactive care happens preventing stress and unwarranted hospitalizations.

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Private Care Management– The Missing Link in a Complex and Evolving Healthcare System

Advocacy, support and holistic planning to insure optimal wellness while addressing the challenges of normal aging at every step of the way.

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Values-Driven Care Management

One of the current buzz phrases in the field of health care is value-driven health care.

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My siblings and I live in different parts of the country. We are split on next steps after mom’s discharge. Barbara stepped in and gave us timely guidance and plan that lowered our stress and provided safety and stability for mom. We don’t know what we would have done without EmpowerCare.

- Cindy S.

After my sister’s fall and stint in rehab, I had to figure what to do about her living situation moving forward. LaKeisha provided a thorough assessment and established a care plan that not only addressed her housigneeds, but provided ongoing monitoring and support that kept me and all of the care team on the same … Continue reading Bob D.

- Bob D.

As a Care Manager for a major medical group, I encounter many patients who have limited family support and are dually diagnosed. Unfortunately most have a great need for private care management after discharge, however the majority of them don’t have a ton of financial resources. The team at EmpowerCare has been great a addressing … Continue reading Stephanie M.

- Stephanie M.

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