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EmpowerCare is the product of the work of two passionate industry executives who served in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. Fueled by a desire to provide a “total person” approach and a refusal to operate in the “one size fit all” planning paradigm. In 2007, the duo established EmpowerCare with one common dream- A happy, healthy and independent aging populace supported by empowered family caregivers.

Today, EmpowerCare is a leading organization providing comprehensive Geriatric Care Management solutions and services to seniors and disabled adults throughout California and other parts of America.

The EmpowerCare family is represented by thousands of happy and satisfied clients and their families, who have been gifted with a better and healthier life.
Our family extends to include our collaborative partners in elder law, real estate management, assisted living facilities, geriatric physicians, case management, fiduciaries and financial advisory.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring stable, independent and dignified living to the most vulnerable populations in our healthcare system, the aim has been to bridge the gap in a fragmented, yet evolving health through holistic Aging Life Care services.

With EmpowerCare, our clients engage certified eldercare experts who act as trust advisors, elder care coaches, advocates, and sometimes surrogate voices for the interest of your loved one in the absence of local family support.

Our Values

At EmpowerCare, we strive to relieve family caregivers of any undue responsibility and stress they might be facing. Our end-to-end solutions resolve all medical, psychological, socialization, home safety, legal/estate planning, financial, resource management, family and care team resource needs.


Compassion, Integrity, Diligence and Stewardship lucidly define our corporate ethics and core values.

With a decade of experience, EmpowerCare is a formidable name to reckon with in the domain of Geriatric Care Management and Private Elder Care Consulting.

Comprehensive psychosocial, health, medication and home-safety assessments are performed by our Certified GCMs (Geriatric Care Manager) for alignment of resources and support required to bring down stress, healthcare costs, hospitalization along with effecting improvement in the quality of life for both the elderly person and his/her local/long-distance caregiver.

Following the evaluation, a synergistic approach is followed to craft a holistic care plan that addresses all the functional areas of the client’s life, from social and legal needs to prevention of abuse.

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