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Barbara Farmer, Ph.D., CMC


Description : Professional Care Manager Aging Care Horizons, an affiliate of EmpowerCare TM As a Professional Care Manager, Barbara assesses needs, and plans, monitors, recommends, and coordinates services for older adults and others with chronic health challenges. She assists families in addressing the complex health care and psycho-social problems of those they love, and develops action plans to facilitate quality care and an optimal quality of life. Barbara has expertise in functional and cognitive assessment, medical system navigation, patient advocacy, family mediation, crisis management, and coordination and supervision of client-centered services and benefits. In addition to individuals and families, Barbara also works with legal, health, and financial professionals who want to ensure their clients understand their needs and options and receive quality care. Since every case is unique, Barbara compassionately tailors her care plans to individual values, culture, and finances. Barbara has a doctorate in Psychology from Rutgers University, Care Manager Certification through the National Association of Certified Care Managers (NACCM), and a Certificate in Gerontology from Loyola Marymount University. She is also an Advanced Professional Member of the Aging Life Care Association, the professional organization of geriatric care management.

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