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Care Coordination– Ensuring Loved Ones Are Properly Looked After

At EmpowerCare, we are determined to leave an everlasting impact on the lives of the geriatric and their families.

The Care Coordinators at EmpowerCare are knowledgeable and experienced in their area of work. Consequently, no matter what the ailment or the requirements, our care coordinators can fulfill all the needs of the patients.

Services are available on a fee-for- service basis and are billed hourly. To reduce the burden of those families which are less secure financially, we offer bundled services as a part of a retainer model designed to reduce costs and maximize support.

Our Care Managers monitor the services imparted to the patients to make sure that the healthcare goals of the clients are met.

Our services pertaining to eldercare education and solutions are – in-home healthcare, medical supply, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services, elder law, fiduciary services, VA benefits experts, real estate experts as well as hospice providers.

Why does one need a Care Coordinator?

Care Coordination ensures that the geriatric and disabled individuals are offered a holistic approach in the form of resources and support. These help in reducing not just the stress but the healthcare costs as well. They also help in avoiding hospitalizations and improving the quality of life for the senior citizens and the family caregiver.

For us, family caregivers are as important as the geriatric patients.

Caregivers have access to case notes and are informed about every step of the care received by their loved ones. This has proven to be useful for long-distance caregivers.

Our assessment process includes a psychosocial evaluation, mini-mental exam, overall health and medication compliance, home safety evaluation and problem identification and assessment of resources and care team support.

This assessment is performed by a Certified Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) who are certified by the ALCA. EmpowerCare’s GCMs possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in direct Care Management or Social Work and a Master’s degree in psychology/social work/nursing.