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Elder Care Education- Providing A New Beacon Of Hope To The Geriatric And The Disabled

At EmpowerCare, we believe that merely increasing the lifespan is not enough. It needs something extra. Proper care also needs to be taken and for that, the right individuals have to be deployed in order to ensure that not just any care, but the best possible care is taken.

We take care of the geriatric and their caregivers by enabling information- and notes-sharing, keeping distant caregivers connected so that they are always in the loop regarding the developments taking place.

EmpowerCare is a comprehensive provider of strategic elder care coaching and solutions, which includes a host of services such as home health, in-home care, medical supply and DME services, elder law, fiduciary services, VA benefits experts, senior real estate experts and hospice care. Our aim is to not just provide the elderly with healthcare and transition care but also enlighten them regarding how to make the best use of the available resources.

Our core services include:

At EmpowerCare, we believe that finances should not be a hindrance in receiving the best healthcare.

That’s why we have a number of payment models which are designed to reduce costs but not the credibility of the services. All of our services are provided on a fee-for-service basis and billed hourly.

We offer a host of services which have been designed to look after virtually every need of the geriatric and the disabled.

While it has been our constant endeavor to offer the best, we have never restricted ourselves to being content with the quality of services we offer. This is reason which inspires us to constantly better ourselves each day.

Thus, if you are looking for the best services in elderly and disabled care, contact us immediately.