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Private Care Management– The Missing Link in a Complex and Evolving Healthcare System

One of our biggest strengths has been in creating an impact on the lives of the senior citizens and their family care-givers. While we have provided support to corporates too, the bulk of our business has been in providing support to caregivers and the elderly on a fee-for- service basis.

Our Care Managers are certified by Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) and have a minimum of five years of experience in this field. Owing to their experience, care managers precisely know the services a senior citizen might need for quicker and better recovery from their ailments. Geriatric Care Managers (GCM’s) also have a Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or Nursing. This ensures complete peace of mind for the loved ones and the caregivers, irrespective of whether they are living nearby or far away.

Some of the salient features of EmpowerCare plans are as follows:

  1. Care Plans are a result of collaboration between EC Care Manager, the client, and the client team. They identify mutually agreed upon goals.
  2. Care Plan is based on findings from the client assessments.
  3. Are flexible in order to address the client’s changing status.
  4. Change if there is a change in condition or during reporting periods (semi-annual and annual).
  5. Focus on client-specific outcomes that are realistic for the care recipient.
  6. Development of a contingency plan during natural disasters, illnesses or with changes in client conditions and in client support systems
  7. Are reviewed by the client and/or responsible party and included in the client file.
  8. Educate and counsel the client about interventions.
  9. Refer clients to service providers.
  10. GCM and PCP attend service delivery events as required.
  11. GCM will adjust to services and interventions as necessary.
  12. Mediate with client and social support system.
  13. Identify health promotion behaviors.
  14. Document referrals and coordination of services.
  15. Interventions must be measurable and goal-oriented.
  16. GCM will ensure that personal care services provided by the PCP are in accordance with the client’s needs.

The best part about hiring care managers is that they work closely with your family caregiver to offer your loved ones the most comprehensive geriatric/disabled care available.

At EmpowerCare, we believe that a service ought to be such that it becomes an inextricable part of one’s life, without making its presence felt.

That is what exactly we do.

That is what makes us unique.

That is what makes us Empower-Care.