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Eldercare Survival guide

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EmpowerCare offers comprehensive, continuous and family-centric solutions and services for the care and support of the elderly and the disabled in the whole of southern California.

We aim to improve health and wellness by decreasing avoidable hospital readmissions, minimize all the associated risks and enhance the quality of life by helping you develop proactive solutions. These solutions are time-tested and are consistent with the best practices in elder care and its management.

We will help you establish a proactive elder care roadmap for your loved one as opposed to reactively responding to a crisis, without ample preparation. Our founders have coined the phrase “reactive care is often the most expensive care” in this respect.

We also aspire to make the aging process dignified and free of any hassles or stress for you and your family. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the primary caregiver as well; this aspect of our expertise is addressed in the mainstream healthcare system.

This is what makes our program so unique.

Our Geriatric Care Managers work in tandem with in-home care, elder law, home health, medical supplies and durable medical equipment, real estate, social insurance consultants and professionals to provide you and your family the support and services needed in Medicare/Medicaid issues, and for matters related to law, finances, home support and placements.

We offer client-centric and holistic services which pertain to the following areas of expertise:

Disability And Health : Facilitating better care for all health and disability-related problems which could be in any setting- hospice, in-home or in assisted-living facilities.

Crisis Intervention and Mediation : Helping you navigate any crisis that may arise; it could be a family dispute, hospitalization or a matter of transition care.

Financial And Legal Issues : Overseeing bill payments, educating on State and Federal rights, consultations with Power of Attorney, estate planners, accountants and elder law attorneys.

Housing : Assisting in deciding on the best housing option for you or your family member.

Advocacy : Advocating and promoting your needs and best interests whenever needed and safeguarding all the important matters related to gerontology.

We stand by your side at all times as emergencies do not come announced.

With EmpowerCare, stay assured round-the- clock as we provide you with the necessary resources and support needed to overcome any challenge that may arise.